Tuesday, October 22, 2013


There is truly no such thing as opposition beyond the minds perspective. What we see and how we view our world is totally up to us. I suspect this point has not been spoken enough. Have you ever met someone who is constantly complaining about events in their life? I am sick, nobody loves me, I am broke, they cheated on me. These statements begin to sink into the subconscious mind and we start to focus naturally on all things that are wrong and why we are powerless in the situation; which then sentences you to a mental prison that hinders all personal effort. These people have allowed the sun of opposition to shine in their minds. On the flip side, you have another person who is going through the exact same situations; however , this person turns to God and prayer to help guide their way and focus their efforts more on problem solving rather than just focusing on the problem.
The path on which I try to live on is OPPORTUNITY. Every situation in life there is a chance to execute some type of success. Here are a few examples on how to stay positive.
  I may be sick but I am not in the hospital or I still can work. I may be broke but this will give me the drive I need beyond a shadow of doubt to go out and be something. The fire of poverty should purify ones soul to burn off any form of apathy, complacency or indifference towards education and prosperity. If we can learn to focus on the solution verses the problem our success rate will change in every aspect of our lives. Jesus defines these things clearly in His word ( Galatians 5:22-23). What we see will determine our life experience. One person may lose their job and go into mourning for months and blame the world or his company. Another person may lose their job and use this for motivation. They adopt this philosophy: I will never work for someone again. I will be my own boss and build my own empire.

These two people lived through the same events but had different perspectives in the circumstance. The choice may not always be what happens to us but the way we respond and deal with the issue solely up to us. You must take this power back in your life. Free your mind from the prison of opposition for it is but a magnified illusion with invisible bars of misery. Seek the O.O.O. philosophy. This simply means choosing always to see opportunity over opposition. In every situation you face, apply this philosophy and your world will change.




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