Monday, November 4, 2013


The color of heaven

Have you ever envisioned what heaven will be like? Gold streets, diamond gates or maybe beautiful angels of light. God’s kingdom is available to us all regardless of background, color or financial situation.
God has embraced the species of humanity as his chosen vessels to spread love, perhaps his greatest design. At our best, we are a great people with impeccable ability to work, build and create anything our minds can conceive.
At our worst we become enemies and adopt a bitter philosophy that promotes hate and totally consumes its beholder. Racism has plagued humanity since the beginning of time. We allow ourselves to eat the fruit of deception believing that one race has superiority over another.
Why have we allowed this thinking to permeate our worldview? The main culprits are ignorance and arrogance. The ignorance of God’s word and the fact that we all are dust in comparison to our creator. Arrogance by having such an inflated perception of ourselves, we believe we are somehow more valuable than other nations, tribes and tongues.
Heaven knows no color boundaries. God does not have a ‘do not enter’ sign for any man or woman based on their skin color. For we all arrive in this world in the same manner we shall depart it. We come with nothing and in death we shall take nothing.
Perhaps this is the day to take all of our bias, judgments and prejudices and do away with them. All the traditions and hate that have separated us must be erased. America is a great place, known for the land of opportunity the land of prosperity. Our value is found in the content of our character. We had no choice in the disposition of our race. We must live above the elements of fear and racism that separate us.
Freedom, liberty and justice are the foundation of this nation. Slavery was a great tragedy; yet in every tragedy there is the opportunity to see triumphant. Love conquers all things and forgiveness will set the soul free. As we go about our daily lives let this be the day we decide to see others as God sees us. Not as black or white, democrat or republican rich or poor. Give us the wisdom, knowledge and understanding to see people the way God himself does. With love, compassion and respect.

Christ Disciple / Republican Leader / Superstar Recording Artist / Prolific writer / Motivational speaker / Billionaire in Training.